Our Trainers

Our desire for your performance means our trainers go the extra mile. They themselves research widely, prepare in depth and train hard. They know that it is not enough for a Stirling Training Consultant simply to deliver knowledge – just as important is how we go about it. For that reason you'll find our trainers are focused, energised and enthusiastic. In a word, passionate – and that makes a world of difference.

  • They have all been successful in previous careers
  • They are rigorously training and monitored
  • They are experienced at working with all levels from graduates to Directors
All of our trainers are highly skilled at:
  • Facilitation
  • Inspirational speaking
  • Motivating, challenging and coaching delegates
  • Turning theories into action

An Effective Team

The service we give you ultimately depends on the quality of the consultants. That's why less than 1% of applicants succeed in becoming a consultant with us. Our dynamic trainers are knowledgeable, credible, sensitive, enthusiastic and have a genuine interest in each of their delegates.

They are passionate about their work, experts in their field and have delivery skills that are second to none. They have worked with many branches of government as well as a wide cross section of commercial organisations. And they have a good sense of humour too!