The STC difference

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21st Century Motivators

At STC we have pioneered the 21st Century Motivators - motivators that are relevant and applicable to a changing environment.

They help:
  • Maintain morale in times of uncertainty
  • Retain good people
  • Focus on targets
  • Create a positive environment
  • Encourage greater employee engagement
  • Develop a better management style

Dynamic Structuring

Dynamic Structuring is the blueprint for designing exceptional training. This tried and tested technique is the culmination of STC research and analysis from a variety of resources from playwrights to psychologists. Think how a good play grips an audience, puts across complex messages on a number of levels, builds momentum and is memorable long afterwards. A training course should do the same. Add to that knowing how to incorporate realisation techniques so delegates come to conclusions and understand the benefits themselves - much in the same way a child learns from experience and remembers makes the design even more powerful and effective. Dynamic Structuring teaches how to do this whether it is for a technical course, a sales course or a motivational piece of training.

One of the reasons STC is unique from other training providers is the innovative techniques and processes that our experts have developed over the years such as 21st Century Motivators, 5-IMT and Dynamic Structuring.



Enable your managers to be catalysts, innovators, inspirers, nurturers and be real leaders of people with 5-IMT.

5-IMT is a powerful 1:1 management tool that enables managers, whether they are Team Leaders or Board Directors, to maximise the potential of their staff. It gives managers the vocabulary and structure to have meaningful and effective 1:1 conversations. It's a tool that maintains momentum and drive in those 1:1 conversations whether it's with a new team member or someone you have been managing for months or years.

5-IMT has been developed by STC after many years of research and it has a proven track record. It is not a theoretical, nice to know technique, but an invaluable day to day tool that managers can use to help achieve targets and attain a highly motivated workforce. It has been taught to organisations such as Royal Bank of Scotland, BUPA, Direct Line Insurance, Stena, Government Depts and Pfizer to name a few.

5-IMT is a clever balance of 5 influencing management techniques, its sophistication lies in its subtlety and seemingly simple components. However, it is the way the techniques are intertwined and balanced that give managers exceptional results.