Our Clients

We provide training and development solutions to many organisations from government departments to blue chip companies within a diversity of industries including:

  • engineering, motor and transport
  • medical and pharmaceutical
  • finance and insurance
  • international organisations
  • academia
  • retail and service
  • government
  • environmental 

We have helped organisations sell software, cuddly toys, tickets, chocolates, parcel delivery, books, finance, waste management, education and 500 million pound hospitals to name a few. 


"Very good trainer  who was enthusiastic about every single person in the room!"

HR Business Partner - Financial and Bank Services

"They have really bought the change programme to life. Their intervention made the culture change happen - and faster than expected. The results speak for themselves."

Marketing Director -  An International Parcel Carrier

"Tom is inspiring, enthusiastic and fantastic at his job. I've loved the training."

Business Development Manager -  Recycling - Renewable energy - Waste management 

company in the United Kingdom 

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