Executive Coaching

It is a senior manager's responsibility to drive the company's business forward, to create opportunities, foresee threats and set new horizons. This requires thinking creatively to generate new ideas and thinking with depth to consider all the consequences. Through executive coaching, we can be the catalyst for dramatic improvement by targeting specific areas your senior managers need to develop whether on a personal, business, strategic and leadership level.  

A highly individual service

Executive coaching is a highly effective and personal service. It is our role to challenge your leaders positively and encourage them to achieve their business goals, targets and fulfil their ambitions through creating a series of skilfully designed thought provoking interactions.


The Senior Leaders 360°

Excellent, high quality feedback to Directors and Senior Managers is an essential part of their development. STC has developed its own 360° ‘Human Touch’ Feedback System specifically for your senior teams. It is fulsome and detailed, written not by a computer, but by a consultant who captures texture, context and personality. This enables your executives to develop faster and with more impact.

Leadership Development Matrix:

This 360 indicates the managers’ relative strengths and how far they have progressed through the 5 stages of leadership, from simple personal effectiveness, through reactive management, then developmental management up into more complex areas of proactive, positive leadership and ultimately into transformational leadership. It will highlight their degree of strength at each level and how they need to develop to be effective at higher more advanced levels of leadership.  


' The trainer adapted the course to suit our exact needs. Care was taken to ensure we developed skills; and feedback on areas we needed to concentrate on were made succinctly and precisely.'

Finance Director - International Pharmaceutical Company

' The (STC Executive 360 Feedback) report was detailed, insightful. Best 360 I have ever had. And the delivery of the feedback was sensitive but incisive. I have made major changes to my style as a result.'

Director - European Bank

' The five step Leadership Development Matrix is simple genius – all managers should complete one every two years. Invaluable.'

 HRD – of a Top Five International Transport Provider 


Rapid and sustainable improvement

Tailored for each client

Handles tough personal issues

Accelerates performance

Highly time efficient

Strengthens the business

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