Conferences & Motivational events

An exceptional motivational event has many benefits. It is an opportunity to re-inforce company values, deliver strong corporate messages and enthuse staff to achieve more. It is a skilful balance between having fun whilst still keeping people focused on the purpose of the session. At STC our speakers are highly skilled at delivering imaginative, purposeful and passionate sessions. Use us as the catalyst to ensure that your corporate message is memorable and received with enthusiasm. 

We have run, compered or spoken at a wide variety of events over the last two decades including

  • Sales conferences to increase sales success
  • Management conferences to boost performance
  • Customer Service events to transform the way they deal with you customers
  • Change conferences to instigate, accelerate or embed company change


Amusing, engaging, inspiring, effective, fun

Your company message with strength and credibility

Increases staff engagement and motivation

Brings real change

Memorable and powerful

Prepared just for you


'Exactly the correct personality to capture the delegates' imagination and bring out individual styles and personalities.'

'Very positive, encouraged feedback, made me feel comfortable to speak out and get involved.'

'Plenty of motivation, ideas and techniques to take away - can't fail to learn, for me worth the money.'

Other Services

  • Training Courses
  • Executive Coaching
  • Writing & Design
  • Facilitation
  • Consultancy
  • 360° Evaluation Reports

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