Writing & Design

Powerful Presentations

The power of wordcraft can transform a speech from ordinary to extraordinary. It can change hearts and minds, inspire people and gain support for ideas and initiatives. 

At STC, we have worked with Directors and Managers to write speeches and presentations that deliver powerful, motivational and memorable corporate messages with clarity and style. 

Or use our leading team of training designers and the power of Dynamic Structuring to design powerful, professional and effective training for your managers or trainers to deliver. 

If you have a new product, service, an initiative that needs to hit the mark and gain buy in we can ensure it happens.

In addition to crafting influential presentations, we also help with:

  • Roadshows – by planning and designing your roadshows for your managers and leaders to deliver 
  • Learning Activities – we design games, questionnaires and activities that are fun and engaging but all carry a strong message. Ideal for training sessions and team meetings
  • Books and Pamphlets – for example on your company approach, the new culture or how to make change work in your department


Personal persuasion - Greater polish and professionalism in your presentations

More influential structures - for roadshows and conferences

Novel, unique approach – and activities to add impact to your internal events

Stand out

Saves internal resource – we can get a finessed product fast

Company literature - well written and right on message

Other Services

  • Training Courses
  • Conferences & Events
  • Executive Coaching
  • Facilitation
  • Consultancy
  • 360° Evaluation Reports

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