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A Leading Business Improvement Consultancy

Our whole purpose is to make your business better. Our proven results show that we have helped a vast range of businesses plan better, drive change, save costs, increase sales, improve efficiency, hire and retain better people, be more strategic and expand market share: and that is what we could do for you.

We achieve this through a range of consultancy, facilitation, coaching and training services delivered specifically to your requirements by our highly successful business improvement practitioners.

We could strengthen the individual skills of your executives, help your senior managers work at a higher level, drive your middle managers to increase performance or even support your team leaders and front line staff change their approach and embed the company culture. 

We could increase the performance of your sales teams; or we could help plan change, acquisitions or expansion – and then with our experience of having done it many times before support your teams closely to implement the plans profitably and effectively.

We are much more of a partner than an external provider – which is one of the reasons we have a 98% repeat business rate.

The STC research

21st Century Motivators ©

At STC we have pioneered the 21st Century Motivators - motivators that are relevant and applicable to a changing environment. 


Achieve higher performance through greater inspirational leadership.  Drive change, exceed targets and be real leaders of people with 5-ILT ©. 

Dynamic Structuring

Dynamic Structuring is a sophisticated way of designing training courses to increase learning penetration, motivation and results 

Our Training Style

Our desire for your performance means our trainers go the extra mile. They themselves research widely, prepare in depth and train hard. They are the best trainers because less than 1% of applicants succeed in becoming a consultant with us. 

As our clients know, we can only make claims that we can deliver on - that's our style!

All of our trainers are highly skilled:

  • We will strive to understand your business through and through and deliver you the best possible training solutions
  • We will provide you with trainers that are inspired, driven and passionate about your performance
  • We will provide learning experiences that use the latest transferral techniques and are fun for your delegates
  • We won't just deliver off the shelf answers but will share our knowledge of highly successful projects and solutions from our years of experience
  • We will always be available for you and your delegates so that together we will create a great team


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