21st Century Motivators

21st Century Motivators

21st Century Motivators© are leaders that thrive in a changing environment

Most managers know that it is part of their role to create an inspiring and motivational environment for their teams but few know exactly how to create and deliver genuine, credible, honest motivation. At STC we have developed a unique technique to enable 21st Century Motivators© who will remain relevant and applicable within a changing environment.

21st Century Motivators© help your organisation:

  • Maintain morale in times of uncertainty
  • Retain good people in the organisation
  • Focus on targets over the long-term
  • Create a positive environment for all team members
  • Encourage greater employee engagement
  • Develop a better management style

How many managers are great motivators?

Motivating staff when there are incentives and promotions on offer is easy but how do you motivate when promotion and incentives aren’t on offer?

During challenging times or when an organisation is under pressure that’s when it’s important for managers to know how to inspire great performance. It’s about creating a desire within each person to want to achieve by understanding what makes them tick. 21st Century Motivators© is an insightful and practical model to understand what are the relevant 6 key motivators in the 21st Century and then learn how to apply a range of 24 motivator catalysts to improve motivation in your teams. The 6 key motivators are: Challenge, Profile, Ownership, Self-Development, Enjoyment, Contribution

What’s clever about it:

  • It ties in with the drivers and motivators at all levels in the 21st Century
  • It taps into the specific needs and expectation of Generation Y and Z
  • It is based on research into employee loyalty and customer loyalty
  • It fits into normal, natural, one-to-one conversations

What are the benefits:

  • It shows dramatic increases in performance and productivity
  • Quick and simple to use showing how to turn theory into practice
  • Reduces staff attrition, especially of the high flyers
  • Strengthens teams as well as the individuals within it

Become a 21st Century Motivator

The 21st Century Motivators© technique from STC will teach you and your leaders how to make being inspirational easy. We use this technique across our service offering. Take a look at two of our most popular services below.

Management Skills Training

Management Skills

In modern businesses, managers need to juggle multiple responsibilities. STC management skills training courses are designed to give your leaders the skills needed to drive your business forward.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching from STC is a highly effective and personal service. It’s our role to challenge your leaders positively and encourage them to achieve their business goals, targets and fulfil their ambitions.

21st Century Motivators© techniques have been custom developed by Stirling Training Consultants can be incorporated into any of our training courses. See all courses now!


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