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Sales Skills Training that exceeds expectations

Sales is the driving force of any for-profit organisation, and your sales team can either be your most valuable asset or your biggest liability. You know that an investment in your team's sales skills is important but how can you be sure that you are making the right investment?

At Stirling Training Consultants, sales is in our DNA. Over the years our trainers have helped a wide range of clients achieve six-figure sales, build high-performing sales teams and develop highly-effective sales training courses. Give your team the sales skills they need to boost their performance and grow your business sustainably.

Sales Skills Training That Delivers!

Selling for Results

Selling for Results is a comprehensive sales training course that will be tailored to a client’s specific needs. It is an action orientated, practical pragmatic course, containing the best techniques and approaches to ensure maximum production, best margins and the most delighted customers. It contains many sophisticated skills of sales, communication and planning as well as a constant and building momentum of motivation and self confidence.

Writing Winning Tenders

This intermediate course helps sales people to sell better. An improved face-to-face presentation will increase the conversion from calls to sales and boost profits. The course is highly participative and thorough. Delegates learn and practise a number of specific sales techniques and develop their confidence and communication skills, enabling them to work with greater efficiency and profitability.

Telephone Technique

Tele-marketing, telesales, tele-closing and telephone appointments remain a powerful tool for business success and require a comprehensive command of telephone technique. This motivational course studies and practices in great depth the skills required. As a result, delegates will increase their success rate on the telephone by gaining detailed knowledge and the motivation to use it effectively.

Proactive Account Management

Proactively manage accounts and turn an objection into a sale! We work carefully through a process that works, then refine it to suit each delegate. Individuals practise one technique until they are confident in their success. Delegates will develop an in-depth understanding of the techniques involved and have the confidence to use them successfully.

Advanced Selling - Closing More

This advanced course is concerned purely with securing the sale. Salespeople must create the relationship, correctly specify the client’s requirements, employ strategic pre-closing and highlight appropriate benefits. By analysing the decision-making process we will develop a reliable system for closing. Delegates will see a significant increase in sales gained through an intelligent application of proven principles.

Work Winning Skills for Non-Sales People

It is vital that employees at all levels understand their importance in influencing potential customers. How clients regard a company is enhanced or diminished by every employee from the receptionist to the administration. Delegates on this course will learn how to portray a positive company image, increasing the potential for new business.

Transform Sales Potential into Sales Success! Stirling Training Consultants can help.

Selling for Results with Personal Sales Analysis

Personal Sales Analysis (PSA) is a blueprint for self-development and sales success developed by Stirling Training Consultants. PSA is research-backed and based on industry experience covering the four key sales skills areas of initial contact, client needs, presenting benefits, and closing. The Selling for Results course is adaptable to your sales team’s requirements and schedule. Take a look at an example course below:


Develop a powerful and effective sales strategy, from initial rapport to final close. Build confidence, increase competitive advantage, match and exceed the buyer’s expectations and sell more.


Reduce stress and pressure by having a focused system to maximise your week. Learn how to create enough leads and schedule appointments to make hitting targets easier and put you in control.


Unlock the secrets of the sales professionals. Refine your selling approach and learn top sales tips and techniques to increase your impact, give you the sales advantage and be more successful.

  • Gain a sustainable up-turn in productivity and performance
  • Develop a motivated, successful, and skilful salesforce
  • Set standards of excellence and have delegates achieve them

Client Achievements

At Stirling Training Consultants our clients are our biggest source of inspiration. Take a look below at some of our clients significant achievements, after having taken this course.

The Impossible Million £ Close

A regional manufacturing company in the UK had been negotiating with a prospective client for over 18 months without any close in sight. After working with our trainers they closed this elusive million £ deal at their first post-training meeting.

Achieved 4 x Sales Targets

Following STC sales training a London-based waste management company experienced significant revenue growth with sales staff experiencing personal and commercial breakthroughs which led to doubled, and in some cases quadrupled, sales figures!

25% Increase in Revenue

A nationwide logistics company wanted to improve their conversion rate from call to close. STC delivered a highly targeted sales programme which resulted in a 25% increase in revenue and a 35% increase in volume for the 5 months following training when compared to the previous year.


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