An Innovative Approach

Our Approach

At Stirling Training Consultants we embrace innovation, customisation and real-world experience

Our approach is different. Rather than relying on tired frameworks that were developed for a different time and a different market, we’ve pioneered a fresh new approach that allows British businesses to excel in the 21st century.

STC Business Toolbox

Over the last 20 years our trainers have researched, developed and implemented a range of innovative techniques, tools and models which accelerate performance and change people. Take a look at some of our research-backed, industry informed techniques below.

Team Performance

4T Analysis© is a revolutionary method for accelerating a team’s performance by examining the 4 critical force factors of Team, Targets, Time, and Trust.


Stress Free Planning

BIGGER is a 6-step system that can be utilised by managers at all levels to envision, initiate, and successfully implement new business initiatives.

Sales Potential

PSA is a blueprint for self-development and sales success covering the four key sales skills areas of initial contact, client needs, presenting benefits, and closing.

Management Success

Achieve higher performance through inspirational leadership. Learn how to drive change, exceed targets and be a real leader of people with 5-ILT©.

21st Century Motivators

Unlocking Potential

At STC we enable 21st Century Motivators. These are leaders who remain relevant and applicable to a changing business environment.

Communication Styles

Comms-5 analyses a team’s communication styles and identifies how these can be better utilised for more effective communication.

Training Design Blueprint

Dynamic Structuring is a sophisticated method developed for designing training courses to increase learning penetration, motivation, and results.

Performance Evaluation

Our STC 360° ‘Human Touch’ Feedback System is for senior teams. This custom report captures context and personality to help managers develop faster.

Logical Intuitive Thinking

A unique technique to develop your capacity for Logical Intuitive Thinking (LIT©) and learn how to embrace new innovative ways of finding solutions.

STC Training Systems

At Stirling Training Consultants we offer a choice of training delivery methods to suit your unique circumstances; virtual, in-person, or a blended learning model. Whichever option you choose you can be sure to receive an interactive training experience that will transform your teams and elevate your business.

Virtual Training


Active Virtual Interactive Development (AVID) is a unique system developed by STC to deliver highly participative virtual training with powerful personalised live trainer input.

On-Site Training


In-person tailor-made training delivered direct to your workplace utilising custom-made techniques to ensure 100% delegate participation and relevancy.

Hybrid Training


This hybrid training delivery system has been developed for businesses who want the flexibility of our virtual training model with the benefits of in-person training.


“The trainer adapted the course to suit our exact needs. Care was taken to ensure we developed skills; and feedback on areas we needed to concentrate on were made succinctly and precisely.”

Finance Director, International Pharmaceutical Company

“The five step Leadership Development Matrix is simple genius – all managers should complete one every two years. Invaluable.”

HRD, of a Top Five International Transport Provider

“The (STC Executive 360 Feedback) report was detailed, insightful. Best 360 I have ever had. And the delivery of the feedback was sensitive but incisive. I have made major changes to my style as a result.”

Director, European Bank

“A very good trainer who was enthusiastic about every single person in the room!”

HR Business Partner, A Financial and Banking Services Provider

“They have really bought the change programme to life. Their intervention made the culture change happen – and faster than expected. The results speak for themselves.”

Marketing Director, An International Parcel Carrier

“Tom is inspiring, enthusiastic and fantastic at his job. I’ve loved the training.”

Business Development Manager, A Recycling, Renewable Energy & Waste Management Company

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