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4T Analysis© The Blueprint for Accelerating Team Excellence by STC

STC has spent over 25 years working with and improving teams; and as a result we have pioneered the revolutionary 4T Team Analysis©. Comprised of a questionnaire, detailed report and team development strategy day this is a great way to get an instant and accurate health check of a team by identifying potential weak spots and recognising areas to raise performance.

What Are The Four Amplifiers of Team Excellence?

There are four compound attributes that make a winning team.

Each of the four Amplifiers is made up of four Team Foundation factors.

Analysis of the four Team Amplifiers and the 16 Team Foundations allows team to gain in-depth insight into how to be at the top of their game.

TEAM Interaction Skills

Team Interaction Skills

Ultimate Collaboration
Managing Differences Positively
Skilful Influence and Interaction
Clear Communication

TRUST Exchange

Trust Exchange

Team First Ultimate Unity
Protected Vulnerability
No Barriers No Politics
Reliability and Delivery

TIME Balance

Time Balance

Personal Bonding
Off-Line Collaboration
Power Meetings
Solo-Mutual Balance


Target Unity

Collective Ambition
Mutual Understanding
Target Driven

How 4T Analysis© Works

Each team member completes an in-depth 4T questionnaire. The responses are analysed using STC’s unique algorithms to give three levels of insight:

  • An overall rating of Team Excellence
  • A score for each of the four Team Amplifiers
  • An analysis of the 16 Team Foundations

We produce a detailed report identifying the ways to supercharge your team. This report forms the basis of a Team Development Strategy day.

How We Support Your Team Development

To gain the maximum impact for your team, we complement the 4T Analysis© with a one day team building event. This highly interactive and enjoyable day will give a deep understanding of the 16 underlying factors and how your team can use them to boost efficiency, accelerate performance and achieve genuine Team Excellence.

Session 1: Super Teams

Introduces the overall concept

This session reveals what makes a great team versus an adequate group, while introducing how 4T Analysis© works & why it matters.

Session 2: Results!

See how your team scores

Receive your overall team score, see the 4 Team Amplifiers and their 16 underlying factors and how they apply to your team.

Session 3: Team Development

Make your team stronger

Improve team communication skills, how to maximise time together, build trust and set common goals to achieve targets.

Session 4: Taking Action

Accelerate team performance

A roadmap for future team development providing a Team Charter and action plans to ensure continued growth.

4T Analysis© as used by

ECS Engineering


‘Really valuable to know how to work and support each other more as a team’

‘Useful and valuable tool to analyse current performance and ways to improve’

‘A really good session, open and honest, many of the team members spoke their minds openly in public (some possibly for the first time!)’

‘Provides a road map for everyone to follow’

‘This was perfect to focus the mind’

‘Being able to identify quick wins to incorporate into team meetings’

‘Lots of takeaways and learnings around improving and developing as a team – highly beneficial’

How will your team benefit from 4T Analysis© ?

  • Turbocharge your team’s skills
  • Create happier more cohesive teams
  • Improve quality & quantity of team output

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