Strategic Planning

What is Strategic Planning?

Companies face challenges all the time. Often they have the internal resources and experience to confidently overcome these challenges. But sometimes senior management recognises that they need someone to guide them through the challenges they are facing and to help them embrace new opportunities.

This is where a business consultant steps in. An experienced consultant will take direct action on whatever obstacle your business is facing and work closely with you for as long as it takes to ensure a successful outcome.

Get the Expertise You Need with an STC Consultant

Over the last two decades, STC has helped hundreds of companies overcome challenges and pursue opportunities to further grow their success. While we have worked on a vast array of projects the following are the most common:

Company Change

  • Mergers and Acquisitions from the initial approach of the target acquisition to the negotiation, to implementing the value-driven actions that follow a successful acquisition.
  • Organisational Restructure from the planning stage, through to the communication processes, to embarking on embedding efficiencies in the newly restructured organisation.

Corporate Training

  • Training Evaluation from an assessment of existing training to a review of training requirements within performance appraisals to an analysis of future training requirements.
  • Training Design from developing an annual training plan that is tailor-made for your organisational needs to designing the specific training that should be delivered.

We regularly help our clients in other areas including sales strategies, employee selection, efficiency savings and dispute resolution. We have done everything from helping a company save £300 million of costs to planning and closing significantly large single sales of £500 million-plus for them. Learn more about our sales programmes below.

Sales Leadership Intervention Programmes


The S.L.I.P. programme is an interim role of 3, 6 or 12 months where one of our expert sales leaders runs and transforms your sales organisation. It can work alongside an existing Sales or Commercial Director or without one. We will improve your sales systems, inspire your sales teams, increase their capability, add organisational stability and dramatically improve performance.

The Benefits of Consultancy

Expertise when & where you want it
Experience. We've done it before & got it right
Save money by getting it right first time
Significant & sustainable change
Credibility, certainty & confidence
Increase the value & impact of change

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Writing & Design

Well-crafted words and expertly designed presentations can change hearts & minds, inspire people and gain support for ideas.


Find out how an independent facilitator can help your management team achieve a better, faster, more secure result.


An exceptional motivational event is an opportunity to reinforce company values and enthuse staff to achieve more.