Communication Skills

Communication Skills

STC understands the importance of effective communication

Communication skills are amongst the most important skills required in the 21st-century workplace.

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Communication Skills Training for the 21st Century!

Personal Effectiveness and Assertiveness

Managers are required to operate within a continual flow of interactions with a whole range of colleagues at all levels as well as external customers and suppliers. Each of these interactions will either help to build on the managers’ success and positive reputation or contribute to diminishing them.

Delegates will benefit from an in-depth study of assertion and its many positive outcomes when put into practice on a daily basis.

Facilitation Skills

Companies have tough decisions to make. What should our strategy be, how can we maximise opportunity without maximising risk, what changes do we need and how should we implement them; and more.

Delegates will learn to lead the group securely through the process to reach an agreement and a way forwards.

Negotiation for Results

In today’s business world, everyone needs to develop the skills and techniques of successful negotiation. Expertise in negotiation is an extremely powerful tool – not only when dealing with suppliers or buyers, but also in everyday discussion with your own staff, colleagues and senior management.

Delegates will learn the art of conducting themselves positively in a range of negotiation situations, including day-to-day issues as well as major decision-making situations. Buyers will be able to secure more profitable deals, and sellers will learn how to increase sales revenue.

Influencing Skills

Increasingly staff at all levels are within a business are required to influence the thoughts and decisions of others as part of a positive culture of change and development to ensure the continued success of the company.

Delegates will develop a highly effective understanding of modern influencing techniques and approaches and will achieve significant results through their day-to-day use.

Making Presentations Effective

Our presentations skills training is one of the jewels in our crown. Our highly experienced trainers tailor cutting edge techniques from a range of sources including professional acting methods, body language studies, psychological investigation, and sales techniques.

Delegates will become a professional presenter – able to maintain audience interest, enhance the clarity of their message, and take personal enjoyment in the rewards of giving a successful presentation.

The Written Word

Over the years STC has noted and analysed how business writing has changed and developed to keep pace with a rapidly changing world. Today, writing needs to be shorter, sharper and instantly understandable. It must be accurate and appropriate and tailored to the needs of its audience.

Delegates will improve the quality of their writing by learning how to write with maximum style and clarity, whilst minimising the time spent on writing tasks.

To transform your people! Stirling Training Consultants can help.

Learn Communication Styles with Comms-5

A Revolutionary Framework Developed by Stirling Training Consultants

Analyses a team’s communication styles and identifies how these can be better utilised for more effective communication

Identifies how much importance the team puts on each others needs

Tailored to suit your company’s culture and time constraints

Personalised to benefit your employees and drive immediate results

Stimulating and challenging to ensure 100% engagement

Our expert trainers go the extra mile to get you and your team the result that you deserve!



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