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Enable your managers to be real leaders of people with 5-ILT©

5-ILT© is a powerful one-to-one management tool that drives higher and better performance from your team. It enables your managers, whether they are team leaders or board directors, to maximise the potential of their staff.

This clever, well-developed and sophisticated technique increases the motivation, urgency and confidence of team members whether they are new or someone you have been managing for months or years. 5-ILT© develops inspirational managers who are catalysts for change, innovators and nurturers.

Leadership Through Motivation

5-ILT© is a skilful balance of 5 influencing management techniques. Its sophistication lies in its subtlety and seemingly simple components. However, it is the way the techniques are intertwined and balanced that give managers exceptional results.

Developed by Stirling Training Consultants

5-ILT© has been developed by STC after many years of research and has a proven track record. It is not a theoretical, nice-to-know technique, but an invaluable day to day tool that managers can use to achieve ever-higher targets and attain a highly motivated workforce. 5-ILT© has been taught to organisations such as Royal Bank of Scotland, BUPA, Direct Line Insurance, Stena, Government Depts and Pfizer to name a few.

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Management Skills Training

Management Skills

In modern businesses, managers need to juggle multiple responsibilities. Management skills training courses from STC are designed to give your leaders the skills needed to drive your business forward.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching from STC is a highly effective and personal service. It’s our role to challenge your leaders positively and encourage them to achieve their business goals, targets and fulfil their ambitions.

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What Our Clients Say

“The trainer adapted the course to suit our exact needs. Care was taken to ensure we developed skills; and feedback on areas we needed to concentrate on were made succinctly and precisely.”

Finance Director, International Pharmaceutical Company

“The five step Leadership Development Matrix is simple genius – all managers should complete one every two years. Invaluable.”

HRD, of a Top Five International Transport Provider

“The (STC Executive 360 Feedback) report was detailed, insightful. Best 360 I have ever had. And the delivery of the feedback was sensitive but incisive. I have made major changes to my style as a result.”

Director, European Bank

21st Century Motivators

At Stirling Training Consultants we enable 21st Century Motivators. These are leaders who remain relevant and applicable to a changing environment.


Active Virtual Interactive Development (AVID) is participative learning with the convenience of online training and the power of personalised training.

Dynamic Structuring

Dynamic Structuring is a sophisticated method we have developed for designing training courses to increase learning penetration, motivation and results.