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STC understands the importance of a growth mindset

Personal growth is one of the key aspects of job satisfaction. Not only is an employee who is actively developing happier they're also a more valuable asset to your company.

Take a look at our personal development training courses designed to enhance your team members' skill sets and help them flourish within your organisation.

Personal Development Training That Transforms!

Managing Customer Relationships

Developing and maintaining positive customer relationship will become an increasingly vital component of every successful company’s business. Companies with an edge in the market place are those who develop the strongest relationships with their customers.

Delegates will develop a true understanding and recognition of customer behaviour and benefit from in-depth insights into how this behaviour can be influenced for the better by our own demeanour, attitudes and the signals we give out – even when dealing with difficult customers.

Creative Solutions and Brain Power

In our work with various companies, we at STC have repeatedly witnessed how people are conditioned to be ‘left-brained’ and logical in their day to day activities – leaving the creative right side of their brain under-used and unexploited.

Delegates will be able to exploit the full power of their imagination in creating a range of options as part of the decision making process.

Time, Priority and Personal Planning

Achieving more in less time in the new mantra for the next millennium. Time and personal planning are the vital resources we need to tap into to address this challenging dilemma – although all too often in our work with companies we see these resources wasted and underexploited.

Delegates will learn how to exploit advances in technology, how to use protected time and a key time to deal with high priority tasks, and even how to free-up time for the pursuit of different activities and areas of need or interest.

Commercial Awareness

The smallest actions and decisions can have an impact on the overall business targets and encourages managers to run their teams as effective business units, and motivate staff to play more of an active part in the business.

Delegates will gain greater insight and understanding of how a company works, what drives it and how it relates to the wider commercial world.

Turning Stress into Motivation

Stress is a natural reaction to a range of situations in both our business and private lives and is very much an element of current life. However, many forward-looking businesses are now looking for ways to harness stress and use it as a positive force for good as we move into the next millennium.

Delegates learn that it is the same human energy that causes both stress and motivation and that stress can be positively channelled into a force for motivation, both personally and for the benefit of their staff.

Internal Consultancy and Projects

As business cultures change and company structures develop, more and more employees are expected to work in an internal consultant role or on special projects. But being a consultant is not easy as it looks. The effective internal consultant needs a comprehensive complement of skills that most staff have never needed to develop. They will face new challenges and difficulties – often with little support and no real authority.

Delegates will be prepared for the fun and excitement of effective consultancy and give them a host of practical skills and tools to deal with challenging and potentially difficult situations.

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