Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer courses to keep your skills sharp

Trainers, like all employees, need to keep their skills up-to-date and ready for the shifting priorities of the modern workplace.

Train The Trainer courses from Stirling Training Consultants will get your learning and development staff, people managers and team leads ready to deliver effective in-house training.

Train the Trainer Training That Delivers!

Foundations of Training

There is an art and science to professional training.

This course will impart both the art and the science of professional training. Delegates will learn the art of creativity, imagination and expression, complemented by the science of structure, balance and profitable results. By the end of the course, delegates will know how to identify, plan, perform and evaluate quality training that leads to business profitability.

Training Design

Effective training design is the hallmark of the professional and experienced trainer. A meticulously prepared and expertly structured event will develop it’s own built-in dynamic bringing together pace, momentum and balance for optimum results.

Delegates will learn a proven formula for successful training design – a simple approach that provides a sophisticated result. The course covers not only conventional wisdom on the subject but a number of more specialised techniques developed and used by our own advance training consultants.

Training Needs Analysis & Evaluation

Training Needs Analysis is the key to effective and profitable training. It is only by analysing and understanding your company’s current training requirements that a cost-effective comprehensive and cohesive training plan can be prepared.

Delegates on this course will learn how to avoid a scatter-gun ad hoc approach to training through the use of some simple systematic procedures that will enable you to pinpoint accurately the exact needs of your organisation.

Training Presentation

The excellent trainer knows that effective delivery is a hard-won skill. They know delegates benefit most from training sessions that develop their own built-in dynamic – those that grab attention, cultivate interest and encourage the free-flow of ideas and discovery.

Delegates will be able to command the highest level of presentation skills necessary to provide training of this exceptional quality. Expertise in varying style, pace and manner will be taught in this highly participative course that will strengthen delegates training methods and polish their fluency of delivery.

How to Motivate in Training

Motivation is a skill that really differentiates between the amateur and the professional trainer. The trainer that can genuinely inspire their delegates is not only the most effective but also the most popular. It is a rare and valuable skill to be able to motivate properly, professionally and credibly.

Delegates will learn the theories of motivation and how to put them into practice, enabling them to increase their training powers, provide enjoyable courses that promote better learning and enhance the reputation of their training department.

Enabling your training to be memorable long afterwards! Stirling Training Consultants can help.

Learn Training Design with Dynamic Structuring

A Revolutionary Framework Developed by Stirling Training Consultants

Understand how to grab and keep the attention of your audience

Incorporate techniques to help your audience remember your presentation

Tailored to suit your company’s culture and time constraints

Personalised to benefit your employees and drive immediate results

Stimulating and challenging to ensure 100% engagement

Our expert trainers go the extra mile to get you and your team the result that you deserve!


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