BIGGER© The Simple System for Stress Free Planning that managers love

BIGGER© is a 6-step system developed by Stirling Training Consultants that once mastered can be utilised by managers at all levels to envision, initiate, and successfully implement new business initiatives or tackle pressing issues. This practical approach has been adopted by countless numbers of our clients leading to better business planning and assured results.

What is BIGGER© Planning?


Background research and ready insight


Identifying Issues and Ideal outcomes


Goals and clear specific criteria and objectives


Game Plan, for a clear method and approach


Exposure to risk and Expense of the plan


Results, Review & Reassess new opportunities

How BIGGER© Works

Each team member completes an in-depth BIGGER© questionnaire. The responses are analysed using STC’s algorithms to give two levels of insight:

  • Scores for each step of BIGGER©
  • Scores for the 8 Further Attributes needed at every stage

We produce a detailed report identifying how each team member can plan better. This report forms the basis of a Business Improvement Day.

Sample BIGGER Report Flipbook

How We Ensure BIGGER© is Embedded in Your Team

To ensure the BIGGER© is not only understood but fully embraced by your team as an effective tool for dealing with any business issue or initiative we integrate it into your tailor-made training sessions. This Business Improvement Day gives delegates the essential tools and understanding of the 6 BIGGER© elements and the methodology to approach each stage successfully. See four sample training sessions below:

Session 1: About BIGGER

Introduces the Overall Concept

This session examines the often overlooked reasons why projects succeed or fail. Delegates will discuss real life examples including their own past projects.

Session 2: Breaking It Down

The elements of BIGGER

Understand the elements of an effective business plan including measures, objectives, strategy, risk, engagement and the opportunities it creates.

Session 3: Getting Real

Time for Action

Construct a framework for a project, problem, initiative or business case.  This trainer guided process will result in a high level plan of action.

Session 4: Ongoing Support

BIGGER keeps Building

Following the training delegates will build on their BIGGER plans. STC provides support on an individual basis to ensure 100% comprehension of this strategy.

BIGGER© as used by

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“This will really help in my overall business plan for 2022/23 FY, will help me focus more on what is needed, then ongoing will help in any other intermediate plans I need to put in place .”

Dawn Henderson, Education Sector Lead, Dynabook

“A handy tool to break down a problem/situation and think about it from all angles.

Leanne Jones, Financial Controller, Bioscript

How BIGGER© Benefits You?

  • Overcome business obstacles more easily
  • Greater acceptance of your business strategies
  • Reduced individual stress levels
  • More management success

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