What is Corporate Facilitation?

Companies have tough decisions to make. What should our strategy be, how can we maximise opportunity without maximising risk, what changes do we need and how should we implement them; and more. The people around the table have different ideas, there is no agreement, arguments become circular and colleagues become argumentative.

This is where an independent facilitator can help. A skilled facilitator grasps issues quickly and builds credibility and confidence in the process. They lead the group securely through the process to reach an agreement and a way forwards.

For Better, Faster Results Use an STC Facilitator

Over the years Stirling Training Consultants have helped dozens of companies push their business forward through expert facilitation. Our consultants have facilitated organisations to achieve a wide range of business goals including:

Company Change

  • Mergers & Acquisitions with the smooth integration of both parties and their senior management teams.
  • The Partnership of two Organisations with a new shared vision for success that’s agreed on by both parties.
  • Culture Change with the full backing of not only your senior leadership team but your entire organisation.

Business Growth

  • Business Development that every member of your board of directors and management team is 100% behind.
  • Business Expansion that ensures sustainable growth with every department fully-prepared and enthused by.
  • Strategic Planning that supports your immediate and long-term business growth plans ensuring their success.

The Benefits of Facilitation

A better, faster, more secure result
Higher consideration of all aspects
Belief & confidence in the process
Agreement & enhanced harmony
An action plan for progress
Buy-in to the answer, belief in the result

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Strategic Planning

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Writing & Design

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