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At Stirling Training Consultants all our services are tailored to your needs, culture and business.

Our wide range of services are designed to provide your business with solutions to either your burning issues or to achieve your business goals and improve your efficiency. Here is an overview of our services.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching from STC is a highly effective and personal service – discover a range of executive coaching goals. It’s our role to challenge your leaders positively and encourage them to achieve their business goals, targets and fulfil their ambitions.

+ Fast Track

+ Career Progression

+ Change the Narrative

+ Achieve Strategy Targets

+ Increase Inspirational Gravitas

Training Courses

Discover a range of professional training courses that deliver results, change behaviours and raise performance. We also offer tailor-made training solutions to suit your business needs. Get in touch to discuss how we can help today.

+ Management Skills

+ Sales Skills

+ Communication Skills

+ Personal Development

+ Train the Trainer

Business Consultancy

Discover examples of business challenges we can help with – a range of fully bespoke services designed to drive your business forward. From motivational speakers to facilitation, writing & design to consultancy, Stirling Training has the solution you need.

+ Company Change

+ Business Growth

+ Corporate Training

+ Writing & Design

+ Conference Speaking

All of our services are informed and enhanced by our innovative approach, a business tool box that has been researched and developed by STC to ensure success for your team.



We want to understand what you want to achieve and what success looks like to you. When you contact STC you’ll be able to have an in-depth discussion with someone who is knowledgeable and can help you solidify and achieve your vision.


Your company is unique and STC solutions are tailored to each organisation. First, we aim to understand how you work, your culture, ethos and values. We combine this knowledge with insight so our solutions will be the right fit for your business.


Once we understand your vision and have an insight into your company we then propose the most effective solution to achieve your goals with maximum benefit in the most efficient way. The solution is designed to give a clear path to success.


Our service goes far beyond the simple delivery of training, coaching or facilitation. It’s about fully engaging prior to delivery, during delivery and post-delivery to ensure that every delegate gets an interactive, stimulating and relevant experience.


At STC, we measure success by the results we achieve for your business. We use both qualitative and quantitative methods to ensure the development of every delegate and the success of every project. We never settle for less than 100% client satisfaction.


Success is empty unless it’s long-lasting. At Stirling Training Consultants we have a reputation for the longevity of our results. We have a range of reviews, assessments and further development techniques that makes sure our solutions become habits.


“They have really bought the change programme to life. Their intervention made the culture change happen – and faster than expected. The results speak for themselves.”

Marketing Director, An International Parcel Carrier

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