Active Virtual Interactive Development - AVID

AVID is participative learning with the convenience of online training but more – it is coupled with powerful personalised live trainer input, resulting in skill development that is practical, relevant and immediately transferable back into the workplace.

How does AVID work?

All of our virtual training sessions are live. They are certainly not just two dimensional PowerPoint presentations, they are 100-minute immersive, dynamic events that can include:

  • Discussions
  • Activities
  • Interactive Lecture
  • Breakout Exercises
  • Coaching
  • Psychometric Tests
  • Instant Feedback
  • Action Planning
  • Videos

AVID follows the STC PACE Principle which makes all training:

  • Pertinent
  • Active
  • Challenging
  • Engaging

How is AVID delivered?

Every session is tailored to the individual or group we are training. Here is how we do this:


  • Pre-work & questionnaires to focus both the delegates and the trainer.
  • Phone call to establish personal objectives and goals.

Post Session

  • Action Plan Follow Up
  • Additional resources
  • Mentor Support for 3 months

Why it Works?

AVID - Icon 1
More focused than just an online course
AVID - Icon 2
Personalised to the delegate’s needs
AVID - Icon 3
Powerbite sized sessions to aid learning
AVID - Icon 4
High learning penetration of skills
AVID - Icon 5
Easy to master memorable techniques
AVID - Icon 6
Relevant to the workplace
AVID - Icon 7
Ongoing support to embed the skills
AVID - Icon 8
Fun whilst being challenging
AVID - Icon 9
Makes a difference

21st Century Motivators

At Stirling Training Consultants we enable 21st Century Motivators. These are leaders who remain relevant and applicable to a changing environment.


Achieve higher performance through greater inspirational leadership.  Drive change, exceed targets and be real leaders of people with 5-ILT©.

Dynamic Structuring

Dynamic Structuring is a sophisticated method we have developed for designing training courses to increase learning penetration, motivation and results.