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Dynabook has overcome numerous challenges including different ownership, staff cuts, fast growth and a major culture change.


A change of ownership prompted a major rethink at Dynabook

Dynabook is a $60 billion global company who created the world’s first laptop PC. Originally owned by Toshiba they have had many business changes, including a major rebrand in 2018. Dynabook are now owned by Sharp.

Over recent years, Dynabook have had to handle numerous changes including different ownership, staff cuts, fast growth and a major change in culture, going from a Japanese process culture of ‘do it this way’ to a more innovative culture. Although a global organisation they say ‘we like to think and act much like a local business caring for the people, the land and future of the communities where we operate’ Their UK HR Business Partner, Amanda Howe referred to Dynabook ‘almost like a start up company with the back up of a large company’.

To help managers embrace and excel in this new innovative people led environment, it was agreed that a European development programme for managers would be created with each country running their own programme to meet their individual needs. Key to the programme was handling performance, focusing on identifying talent, developing capability and retaining staff. Training Providers were assessed on good culture fit and delivery of the right solution. After close consultation with Amanda and final approval from Annette Socha (Global Head of HR) STC was appointed in the UK.


A hybrid in-person & virtual programme focused on leadership development

Our approach focused on building on the leaders existing strengths, elevating what they do and creating a culture of proactivity.  This included their personal development as leaders, how to get better engagement with their people and how each of them can add value to the business.  To achieve a tangible change, managers had to choose a business project that would add value to Dynabook.

Training was delivered as a modular hybrid course, combining face-to-face and virtual AVID sessions.

  • Module One: emphasised the importance of the right style of leadership at Dynabook as the company continues to evolve and grow. They developed tools for effective 1:1 management of their teams and the understanding of how to motivate and inspire their people.
  • Module Two: This was about skilful communication and how to influence everyone from their teams to key stakeholders. Apart from practical techniques this session developed the managers’ confidence and belief in their abilities to make a difference.
  • Module Three: Every manager should be driving the business not just ‘managing in maintenance mode’. We taught a strategy planning tool that encouraged them to review and innovate systems and processes that would benefit Dynabook.
  • Module Four: This was how to develop their people and amplify talent through coaching & mentoring. It was also about creating more cohesion and collaboration within teams.  Managers learnt to think broader and focus on how to get the best out of their people and increase morale.

Between the modules contact was made with the managers to encourage and support them; and action plans were implemented and followed up.


Managers gained the energy and enthusiasm to make a difference!

The training resulted in direct business action plans that streamlined existing systems that hadn’t been changed for years. These will allow Dynabook to increase business, save 2 – 3 days a month, create greater customer engagement and share more information more easily resulting in greater customer engagement. To further this success a Think Tank Group was also created to meet quarterly with the aim of progressing new ideas within Dynabook.

The programme also led to greater collaboration and support between managers in different areas. Managers learned to think more broadly about the influence they have and gained the ability to create focused plans to improve the performance of their teams. In particular managers gained the motivation and confidence to engage in more coaching of their people.

The training created a real leadership buzz! There was an energy and enthusiasm to make a difference, to look at things with fresh eyes and to work together on new ideas that would benefit the company.

The implementation of this programme was a success due to the commitment and openness of the Dynabook team.  The well considered briefings received prior to training ensured a carefully targeted and crafted programme was developed that was ideal for the managers and relevant to their roles.







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“I will use my course example to put this in practice first and I will definitely use this my future projects and plans.”

Anne, Supply Chain Manager at Dynabook

“This will really help in my overall business plan for 2022/23 FY, will help me focus more on what is needed, then ongoing will help in any other intermediate plans I need to put in place.”

Dawn, Education Sector Lead at Dynabook