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Honing your Senior Leadership Skills

Senior managers need to lead their function without being bogged down by the detail. They need to set direction, create strategy and drive continual improvement. Great senior managers have a strong plan; influence up and out; network with precision and collaborate with skill; and embody the very meaning of gravitas, apposite and perspicacity.

Our senior management training courses provide leaders with the techniques needed to manage at the right level.

Why should you join this course?

To drive sustainable change, faster

Senior leaders need the latest techniques, fast. They need to drive progress, lead change and beat the competition.

Delegates on a STC Senior Management Training course will:

  • Drive change & accelerate progress faster by working at a higher level
  • Develop stronger strategies, business cases and decisive 90-day plans
  • Operate at senior level, showing gravitas, influence and collaboration
  • Create more effective & innovative teams, with strong succession plans
  • Work cohesively with peers to achieve success with a common goal

What happens on this course?

A complete review of leadership style

Learning is delivered via debate, case studies, problem-solving and change management activities, all underpinned by the innovative techniques used by leading companies.

All STC Management Skills Training courses have been designed to be:

  • Up-to-date with a focus on the challenges of today and tomorrow
  • Comprehensive in their focus on all aspects of a senior manager’s role
  • Real-world focused, looking at issues & opportunities in their business
  • Solutions-based, drawing on dozens of successful consultancy projects
  • Confidence-building, to make bold decisions & follow them through


What our training looks like

The style and approach of all our senior leadership training courses is aligned closely to current corporate challenges, strategy and aspirations. See below for an example of a training course which we ran for a major client.

Every course is tailored to our client’s exact needs, the following gives you a flavour of our approach.

Module 1: Thought Leadership

Thinking – Planning – Strategy – Innovation

  • Work at the right strategic level, driving innovation, development and progress
  • Improve the depth, breadth and quality of thinking in business cases
  • Plan with more care, rigour and uniformity to ensure everyone is aligned
  • Have time to plan and use the latest thinking tools available
  • Reduce the risk while driving change and success faster

Module 2: Inspiring Leadership

Developing Culture – Driving Change – Engagement – Accountability

  • Provide a consistently inspiring, driving, developmental style of leadership
  • Gain higher levels of performance from higher-quality teams
  • Create the right culture and environment for your teams to excel
  • Retain and develop talent and establish strong succession planning
  • Drive change and make significant improvements in corporate success

Module 3: Collaborative Leadership

Empowered – Collective – Cohesive – Achievement

  • Manage and communicate across the business with collective accountability
  • Achieve more faster, through better, stronger, more positive collaboration
  • Strengthen and unify the Senior Manager level, based on the unique 4-T Analysis
  • Secure high levels of mutual Trust, reduce silos and drive cohesion
  • Deepen and embed a single positive differentiated culture of excellence

Module 4: Action Leadership

Pace- Performance- Transformation- Results

  • Get it done! Deliver more, faster, with less drama and more quality
  • Use advanced Influencing skills to accelerate progress of secure buy-in
  • Managing multiple projects effectively, retaining accountability, delegating authority
  • Top techniques of Transformational Leadership – Unblock barriers and minimise risk
  • Building personal achievement and greater success for your company

Discover more about STC Management Skills Courses

Progressive Management

Managers in leading companies are the drivers of the business and the developers and enablers of their staff. They are innovators and motivators – business leaders and leaders of people.

What you'll learn:

Delegates on this course will learn how to develop a sophisticated and multi-faceted approach to management. This course will allow attendees to hone their communication skills in order to be thorough on issues, while also using empathy and sensitivity when dealing with people. Delegates will become more proactive results-focused managers, capable and confident in managing change, achieving more for less, while always keeping the customer in mind.

Who should attend?

Managers who want to become a driving force for positive change in their organisations through the development of outstanding and progressive people management skills.

Motivating Through Change

Change is now a constant way of life for most organisations. However, many staff, including managers can still find change hard to understand, difficult to implement, and almost impossible to present in a positive light. In the past, many organisations went through a period of change every decade or so, nowadays for many companies, the only constant is change.

What you'll learn:

This training course will give delegates the key to leading successful change within their organisations whether it’s a major event such as a merger, a restructuring or a more minor event. Delegates on this highly participative course will learn the special skills involved in motivating people through the different, and often difficult, stages of change.

Who should attend?

Managers who are responsible for implementing change or those who need to know how to motivate others to accept change and contribute towards a positive outcome.

The High-Performance Manager

There is a world of difference between a company where every single member of staff is highly motivated, eager to progress the company goals and a company where people resist change, keep their heads down and don’t put themselves out for the business.

What you'll learn:

This intensive course will provide attendees with the personal and professional skills required by senior managers to succeed at the very highest level. Delegates will learn how to optimise their own efforts and motivate teams towards optimum performance and achieve ambitious targets.

Who should attend?

Senior managers within challenging environments or with demanding growth strategies who need cutting-edge management techniques to provide inspiration and motivation for success.

Coaching Skills

Today’s successful manager not only needs to be a competent manager but also needs to excel at coaching. Good coaching motivates, educates and stimulates; it encourages initiative and innovation within the team, and it’s a surefire way to gain a competitive advantage.

What you'll learn:

This training course will show delegates how to coach more in less time, how to motivate more effectively and how to get team members to be more proactive and to think for themselves. The training will also cover how to apply coaching techniques to turn challenges into opportunities.

Who should attend?

Directors, senior managers and supervisors who need to motivate, educate and stimulate team members at all levels within their organisation.

People Excellence with 5-ILT ©

The secret of effective people management, and the overall success of business today, is enabling and motivating team members to reach their full potential.

What you'll learn:

Delegates will learn how to develop their role as high-performance managers with regular one-to-one meetings with their direct reports. Delegates will learn how to use the 5 Influential Leadership Techniques (5-ILT) during these regular sessions, to ensure staff remain highly motivated, well-trained and knowledgeable. Learn how to mentor staff to achieve standards and hit targets while being confident in the contribution they can make to the business.

Who should attend?

Any team manager who is keen to unleash the full potential of their staff in the interests of overall business success, as well as individual job satisfaction, and higher staff retention rates.

Generating Employee Loyalty

Companies can no longer guarantee a job for life. Resulting in the ablest employees often swapping company loyalty for personal career loyalty. These employees are frequently on the lookout for better opportunities with cutting-edge and industry-leading companies.

What you'll learn:

Delegates on this course will discover how to attract and retain high calibre staff by applying the principles of HELP – the Holistic Employee Loyalty Programme. They will learn how to put into action 19 different tried and tested methods that will set their company apart from the competition, and make them the employer of choice among high flying professionals.

Who should attend?

Personnel specialists and other senior managers who want to maximise their company’s recruitment potential to attract and keep the highest calibre staff against stiff competition.

Innovation Through Teamwork

Both innovation and teamwork are key factors in any successful company. This has become increasingly true in modern business where the value often lies in the experience, knowledge and expertise of its staff, rather than in capital equipment.

What you'll learn:

This course will demonstrate how a team can bring about positive productive change, whether imposed on them or instigated from within. Delegates will learn the skills necessary to analyse current situations, develop improvement strategies and implement them efficiently. They will learn how to work as a team whilst maximising each individual’s skills and potential, enabling them to contribute across the board, rather than simply carry out a single assigned role.

Who should attend?

Teams who need to maximise the strengths of individual members whilst working together to welcome change and innovation and plan how these can best be implemented.

Call Centre Excellence

Managing call centres requires a dynamic approach. Managers need to be fast reacting, anticipate situations, be target focused and excel at developing and motivating staff.

What you'll learn:

This course contains a wealth of innovative hints, tips and techniques to manage & motivate staff. It’s based on STC’s own experience of running successful call centres as well as working with and training a number of leading call centre operations throughout the United Kingdom.

Who should attend?

Managers who are responsible for developing the skills and motivation of call centre operators with the aim of increasing the company’s overall profitability.

Appraisals, Counselling & Interviewing

A skilfully conducted one-to-one appraisal interview is a vital management tool in today’s business culture. If carried out with expertise and professionalism it will motivate staff, build on their strengths, concentrate their efforts on achieving corporate goals, and address areas of weakness in a positive, confidence-building way.

What you'll learn:

Delegates on this course will benefit from an improved relationship with staff and a deeper understanding of what motivates them. This will lead to improved job satisfaction and better career prospects for them, a well as improved productivity and performance for the company.

Who should attend?

Line managers, personnel managers and anyone responsible for developing or mentoring staff, with the aim of maximising their potential for the overall benefit of the company.

Finance for Non-Finance Managers

People come into management from all sorts of backgrounds with a range of different skills. However, they all need to deal with finance when they enter a senior management position. For managers not coming from a financial background, this can be challenging.

What you'll learn:

This training course teaches finance skills for non-finance managers. From an understanding of how to create profit and loss statements to dealing with CAPEX and OPEX budgets, this course covers everything the non-finance manager needs to know.

Who should attend?

This training course is suited to managers and senior managers who need to understand and/or report on involvement in the financial aspects of their department.

Virtual Leadership Training

With the changing nature of modern business more teams are transitioning to flexible working with team members often in different offices, different cities and even different countries. Some work from an office, others are work from home, both require a new management approach.

What you'll learn:

STC has developed a Virtual Leadership Training package to meet the challenges of now and prepare leaders for the future landscape. Download our brochure to find out more.

Who should attend?

This training course is suited to people managers who are currently managing remote workers or are planning on planning on transitioning to a more flexible way of working.


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