Bounce Back Virtual Sessions

Rules for Dynamic Virtual Sessions

The world has changed and will continue to change as a result of the pandemic. Covid has had a significant impact on the workplace and the way we work. It is now totally the norm to have more virtual meetings and virtual job interviews than face to face ones. This requires us to adapt our behaviour and think differently so we can benefit from the virtual environment.


Virtual meetings can work to your advantage:

    • Control your environment better
    • Use the technology to get greater engagement
    • Make live updates whilst sharing
    • Efficient use of time
    • Get peoples’ names right!


Virtual job interviews can work in your favour:

  • You can have a ‘cheat’ sheet next to your laptop
  • It’s easier to hide your nerves
  • You’re in familiar surroundings
  • No travel stresses
  • You only have to half dress smartly!

Rule 1: What’s Your Background?

Your work and career background are important to a future employer – but have you considered the importance of what is behind you on camera? The same if you are in a virtual meeting, you want to be what people focus on, not what’s going on behind you. A virtual background on Zoom or TEAMS can make you appear blurry and distorted, far better to have a plain wall. If you choose to use a regular and real background, make sure it’s clean and tidy – this will show people you are organised in both life and in work.

Rule 2: The Digital Handshake

First impressions count and in a virtual setting this involves getting your digital handshake pitch perfect:

  • Look at the camera not the screen – it makes a world of difference
  • Lean slightly forward, shoulders & eyes focusing ahead
  • Nod your head in a slow, confident, deliberate gesture without breaking eye contact

That simple nod and the body language accompanying it says you are ready to listen and contribute.

Rule 3: Engage your Audience

If you become just another talking head who goes on and on, your audience will lose interest. When this happens, it’s easy for them to put you on a split screen and start reading their emails, playing Candy Crush or anything else that might seem more interesting. Hold their attention by checking in with them often, ask them questions and keep your answers relevant and to the point.

Rule 4: Follow Up

Say your goodbyes and leave promptly. Virtual meetings and interviews are an efficient use of time. However, your audience may go straight into another interview or meeting, and you want to make sure you stand out and are remembered. Send a follow-up thank you email to your interviewer before the end of the day and mention something you discussed. If you have any additional follow-up questions about the job or hiring process, this would be a good time to ask them. Same with a meeting, send a positive thank you and summarise key points with the actions to be done.

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